What is EagleMed?

EagleMed is a Critical Care Air Transport Service dedicated to providing emergent and critical care to those in need.  Our core values are Safety, World Class Patient Care and Taking Care of the Patients and Communities We Serve. Corporately based out of Wichita, EagleMed operates a fleet of medically equipped aircraft throughout the Midwest with bases in Liberal, Hays, Chanute, Dodge City, Garden City, Goodland, Pittsburg and Wichita, Kansas; Ardmore, Hugo, Stillwater, Tahlequah and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Joplin, Missouri.  EagleMed has a fleet of Eurocopter A-Star AS350-B2's and one Eurocopter TwinStar rotorcraft.  Additionally, EagleMed operates Beechcraft King Air fixed wing airplanes ( C-90 Series, E-90 Series and B-200 Series).

What makes EagleMed different from other flight programs?

EagleMed is CAMTS accredited and has been providing air medical transport for over thirty years.  This extensive experience in both patient care and aviation, coupled with EagleMed's ability to set the highest standard for customer and community service, is what makes EagleMed different from other flight programs.  

How far and fast do the aircraft fly?

EagleMed generally keeps the 140 mph helicopter within a 100 mile radius of their bases. The King Air travels at an average speed of 276 mph and has a 1200 mile range.

Who flies in the aircraft?

EagleMed is staffed with a pilot, a flight nurse and a flight paramedic. All of whom have specialized and ongoing training. When needed, EagleMed also will supply specialty teams in Neonatal and OB transport.

Who dispatches EagleMed?

EagleMed has an advanced communications center located at the corporate office in Wichita, Kansas.  The Communications Center provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (800.525.5220). These are highly trained and qualified personnel who also provide us with up to the minute flight following. One call to this center will start EagleMed your way and connect you with a receiving physician and our flight physician should you wish to also speak with them.

How much does a flight cost?

The out-of-pocket expense for helicopter and fixed wing flights is dependent on your individual health insurance plan coverage.  EagleMed Membership protects you from having to pay any out-of-pocket expense.  For more information about becoming a member, visit the Membership page.

Would I be taken to my choice of hospital?

You will be flown to the nearest, medically appropriate facility.

What happens if the helicopter is in use, or the weather prohibits flying?

EagleMed’s Communication Specialists have visibility of the in-service status of all aircraft in the company's fleet.  These specialists have the ability to deploy the next closest, available aircraft or coordinate transport through another CAMTS accredited regional air transport service.  In cases of inclimate weather, an EagleMed fixed wing may be offered (weather permitting) or assistance provided with establishing critical care ground service.

How many patients can fly on each mission?

In order to provide the best patient care possible, EagleMed transports one patient per mission.

Who pays for the flight?

EagleMed bills the patient’s insurance and the balance is billed directly to the patient. For EagleMed membership card holders, the remaining balance is waived. For more details visit the EagleMed Membership page.

Is EagleMed affiliated with other flight programs?

EagleMed is a subsidiary of Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH), a limited liability holding company, and a member of the AirMedCare Network.  Additionally, EagleMed has close relations with other state and regional programs that are CAMTS acrediated.

What if I want to be taken to a specific hospital?

If your transport isn’t medically necessary (for example, it’s not an upgrade of care), it is considered a "convenience" flight. Most insurance companies will not pay for such transports; however, EagleMed offers its members a discount on these flights.

Does EagleMed provide other community services?

EagleMed assists with and provides continuing education training for medical professionals throughout the State. EagleMed provides or assists with PHTLS, ACLS, TNCC, PALS, and NRP. EagleMed also works with any EMS agency that desires to receive training in patient preparation for transport classes and an in-depth Safety Landing Zone class.