About Us


EagleMed, LLC is a Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS) accredited critical care transport service. A subsidiary of Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH) since August 2009, EagleMed began serving patients and communities throughout the Midwestern United States in 1981 under founders Jim and Iva Ballard. Today, the company operates medically equipped aircraft throughout the region.

All EagleMed aircraft are completely configured for mission critical transports. Each is equipped with state of the art medical and emergency equipment. This equipment, in conjunction with the highly skilled medical team makes EagleMed a "Flying ICU".

EagleMed personnel are specialty trained and have a variety of advanced clinical certifications. The Education & Quality departments assure that all clinical staff maintains the highest level of ongoing education and competencies. Our medical crews consist of one RN and one Paramedic.

  • SAFETY - We know at all times, the exact location of the aircraft, its flight crew and  patient. If assistance is required for any reason, we know it immediately. This gives us the unique ability to respond in an unparalleled manner.
  • TIME - We know the actual ground speed of the aircraft, which means ETA's will be based upon real time information, not estimatation. We can launch the appropriate aircraft, not just the closest, but the fastest based upon real time weather radar and other factors which we can see, and compensate for.
  • COMMUNICATION - you can communicate with the crews while in-flight via a secure Satellite Communication System. you will know before they arrive of any serious changes to the patient condition, which allows you more time to prepare.
  • INFORMATION - All of these factors combined with the most advanced CAD software package provide you and your patients the minutes, seconds, and knowledge which often make all the difference.

An additional service that EagleMed offers is Specialty Team Transport services. EagleMed has partnered with a number of tertiary care facilities within the region to provide this advanced and highly specialized service. The hospitals provide the Specialty Care Team members to maintain a continuum of care throughout the transition and admission to the receiving facility. EagleMed provides the EMS license, aircraft, pilot and safety officer necessary to complete and bill for these specialty transports. As with all of the aircraft owned and operated by EagleMed LLC, the company maintains full operational control for the transport of specialty teams and patients.

Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75

U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE. Washington, DC 20590

202-366-2220 (TTY 202-336-0511), 1-866-TELL-FAA (1-866-835-5322)