Service Locations

Chanute, KS

Since 2003, EagleMed 14 has been serving Southeast, Kansas. With a highly skilled staff of registered nurses, paramedics, pilots and a dedicated base mechanic, the Chanute base services a tri-state area of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. This base provides intra-facility and scene transports for critically ill or injured patients. EagleMed 14 is the critical care transport solution for many local hospitals and EMS agencies when seconds count. This base has the capability of transporting patients up to 250 miles. Patients are most commonly transported to tertiary hospitals in Wichita, Topeka, Joplin, Springfield, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Kansas City.

The medical crew consists of a nurse and paramedic team, with multiple years of experience in trauma, cardiac, pediatric, general emergency and intensive care. We take pride in our ability to work with the local hospitals and EMS teams. We offer continuing education to all of the areas we serve.

EagleMed 14 employs a team of highly skilled pilots that have thousands of hours of flight experience. They work closely with a full-time mechanic to ensure that the Eurocopter AS350B2 aircraft is in top condition at all times.

Your EagleMed 14 crew will ensure that all missions are completed with the best interest of the patient and safety as top priority. We strive to insure a timely, competent professional and friendly service to everyone that we serve.

Dodge City, KS

Dodge City, Ford County and Southwest Kansas have been fortunate enough to have air transport for critically ill or injured citizens since 1982. At that time Wesley Medical Center’s LifeWatch Air Transport Service placed a fixed wing base in Dodge City. In 2001 Wesley deactivated their program and Ballard Aviation EagleMed stepped in to continue the service.

In 2005 EagleMed established the memorial fund to be used for the enhancement of education in field of emergency medicine. The fund was established in honor of the EagleMed 4, Dodge City, Kansas flight crew members Jonathan Dye, Jennifer Hauptman and Brandon Bow who lost their lives in an accident February 17th, 2004. In order to carry out their vision, EagleMed is proud to announce the availability of $2,000 in scholarships.

Garden City, KS

EagleMed 3, the second satellite base for EagleMed, was first started June 1, 1997 in Garden City, Kansas. This fixed wing air ambulance crew serves the people of Southwest & Western Kansas.

With a crew of experienced registered nurses, paramedics and pilots, the Garden City based C-90 Beech King Air is capable of transporting critically ill or injured adult/pediatric patients to tertiary medical centers in Wichita, Denver, Colorado Springs, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, or anywhere the patient or the physician feels would most benefit the care of the patient.

 We are proud to serve the region we live in, and gladly assist in anyway possible to insure timely, friendly, and professional service in air medical transport needs of our patients.

Liberal, KS

The Liberal, Kansas EagleMed fixed wing base began providing services to Western Kansas and the Oklahoma/Texas panhandle on May 15, 2010.  The base (EagleMed 23) operates with a King Air B-200 airplane based at the Liberal airport. 

The focus of the highly experienced medical team and pilots for the Liberal base is centered around providing the highest quality patient care in the safest environment possible. 


Scottsbluff, NE

Scottsbluff, NE

Houston, TX

Houston, TX

Goodland, KS

EagleMed 24, the 4th satellite base for EagleMed, began operations April 15, 2002 in Goodland Kansas. Originally known as EagleMed 2, the Goodland base opened utilizing the King Air C90 originally located in Hays, Kansas. 

EagleMed 24 is prepared to offer high quality, timely intensive care and transport services to the people of Northwest Kansas, Southwest Nebraska and Eastern Colorado 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are the flying ICU and ED of Northwest Kansas

Hays, KS

EagleMed 9 is the first satellite base for EagleMed. The base opened in 1994 as a fixed wing base in cooperation with Hays Medical Center. In 2001, the base was reassigned from a fixed wing base to a rotor base.

The crew consists of a staff of 13 highly trained employees: 8 medical crew members, 4 pilots, and a full time base mechanic. The staff is dedicated to providing a high level of patient care to the citizens of western and north central Kansas.

Joplin, MO

EagleMed 12 proudly began service in its four state region on October 1st, 2003. The aircraft and crew are based at Freeman Hospital in Joplin, and service Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri in our primary response area. The EagleMed 12 base operates with a Eurocopter AS 355N twin engine helicopter, providing safe and rapid care to critically ill and injured adult and pediatric patients in the area.

The Joplin based medical, aviation and maintenance crewmembers have a wealth of experience. All of the base medical crewmembers have a wide background of critical care experience, from critical care ALS EMS services to ER, ICU and Neonatal ICU. 

Pittsburg, KS

EagleMed 15, the thirteenth satellite base in the EagleMed fleet of aircraft.  The base was started November 2007 at Pittsburg, Kansas in cooperation with Mount Carmel Regional Medical Center (now Via Christi Hospital) of Pittsburg. This rotor aircraft serves the people of Southeastern Kansas, Southwestern Missouri and Northeastern Oklahoma. EagleMed 15 is located at the Atkinson Municipal Airport in Pittsburg, Kansas.

The crew of EagleMed 15 includes a dedicated full-time mechanic, highly experienced pilots and extensively credentialled and skilled medical crewmembers. EagleMed 15 is capable of transporting critically ill or injured adult / pediatric patients to tertiary medical centers throughout the region.

Greenville, SC

The EagleMed Greenville base opened in December of 2011 and is based at the Greenville Downtown Airport, three miles east of the central business district of Greenville, South Carolina.

With its staff of highly experienced medical crew and pilots, the Beech King Air C90 can reach greater distances and fly in weather conditions unfavorable for a rotor aircraft. The EagleMed 28 team is on-site with the aircraft ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days per year just like the surrounding rotor bases. This allows for a much quicker response time and getting the patient to the definitive care that they need. EagleMed 28 will be servicing South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky and other surrounding states.

EagleMed is excited to be in Greenville, SC and to be a part of the community and surrounding areas we serve.  

Wichita, KS

    EagleMed 1, a fixed wing aircraft and EagleMed 11, a rotor wing aircraft, are both proudly based in Wichita, KS serving the local communities that we live in. These two teams run an average of 60 plus flights per month. Our medical crew is capable of operating in either type of aircraft. Our pilots are very skilled and experienced. They provide check airmen duties, train and evaluate new pilots for the company.

    EagleMed 1 is the first air ambulance to be operated by EagleMed. Our fixed wing aircraft is staffed by senior employees, participating in specialty transports of obstetrical and neonatal patients, in addition to emergent transport of the critically ill and injured. The fixed wing aircraft has the capability of conducting long-range flights as far as Houston, TX and Rochester, MN. 

    EagleMed 11 was the first rotor wing aircraft to be operated by EagleMed, today it is owned and operated by Med-Trans Corporation. Also staffed by experienced nurses and paramedics; we serve the local area and counties as far away as 100 miles. Primarily transporting critically ill and injured persons into the Wichita area hospitals.

    Two ground ambulance units based in Wichita are available to take patients from local airports to the hospitals. These ambulances can and have been activated to respond to and assist in local disasters.

    Being based at corporate headquarters, the Wichita team has the opportunity to assist the education department in providing continuing education to other nurses and paramedics throughout the area.