Outreach Education

The leadership and staff at EagleMed recognize the importance of resources and service during critical and life-threatening emergency or medical situations.  EagleMed is proud to have the opportunity and experienced staff available to offer another layer of service as a resource for continuing education.  It is an ongoing commitment of EagleMed to continually increase the levels of education and training that are offered throughout the EagleMed service area.  This is achieved by extending the EagleMed team to provide for the educational needs as requested by our healthcare partners (in both hospital and pre-hospital settings).

Available Outreach Education offerings include:

  • ACLS
  • PALS
  • Managing Shock
  • Head Injuries
  • Basic and Advanced Airway Management
  • Landing Zone (LZ) Class
  • Patient Packaging
  • Pediatric Medical Assessment
  • 12-Lead Interpretation
  • Environmental Emergencies

For more information about EagleMed's Outreach Education program, please contact Jeff Prilliman at 316-613-4855.


Mobile Air Medical Education Unit for Advanced Training

EagleMed critical care air medical Transport Company has commissioned an innovative Mobile Air Medical Education Unit to simulate medical operations inside the company’s airplanes and helicopters. It is being used as an enhanced teaching aid for EagleMed’s clinical practitioners. The trailer-based Mobile Air Medical Education Unit replicates the interior medical environments of the company’s 20 air medical transport airplanes and 14 air medical helicopters. The custom-built training platform leverages the use of computer-controlled dynamic patient simulators from CAE Inc., and Gaumard Scientific to replicate human health symptoms and life functions. The patient simulators alone represent an almost $250,000 investment. The unit’s computer-controlled dynamic human patient simulators respond like real people – they breathe, have pulses, heartbeats and produce vital signs. They replicate blood pressures and through computer manipulation, the educators can replicate any type of medical emergency for very high quality crew education. Simulates Clinical Scenarios “The Mobile Air Medical Education Unit is capable of realistically simulating nearly any air medical crew function that we provide for our patients,” said EagleMed Education Manager Jeff Prilliman. “We can replicate almost any clinical scenario related to emergency cardiovascular care, trauma patient care or medical emergencies in a real-life setting inside our aircraft.” Prilliman added, “It requires a different skill-set to be able to perform many tasks inside of an aircraft and this one-of-a kind unit provides invaluable training.”


The 24-foot trailer has a fixed wing section and a rotor wing section, which simulate medical crew interior dimensions and configurations of EagleMed’s life-saving aircraft, complete with fully functional medical equipment and medications. EagleMed’s expert staff of critical care paramedics and Certified Flight Registered Nurses has advanced training in pediatric and adult care and maintain the highest level of competency and proficiency. Seasoned nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists comprise EagleMed’s medical crew trainers who teach utilizing the advanced training tool. Clinical crewmembers are required to complete five to six hours of equipment training and skills updates annually to refresh medical treatment competencies. The traveling education facility will visit EagleMed’s more than 30 nationwide facilities in the course of a year.